Leadership Workshops

Customized leadership workshops are designed to support and grow highly skilled talent in your teams. This could mean enhancing the interpersonal dynamics of your executive team, or upleveling the management and interpersonal skills of your high potential talent.

Workshops are a blend of interactive, educational, and experiential exercises focusing on key concepts, tools and practices for achieving and maintaining authentic relationships at work.

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Leadership Development Workshops push leaders to bring the best out of their employees


  • 1:1 calls with key stakeholders and the CEO to get clear on their view of the team dynamics, growth areas, and their big wants
  • Confidential survey for the leadership team; surface and capture blocks/challenges, strengths, blindspots, and key growth areas
  • Customized Leadership Workshop: in-office and virtual options available
  • Summary report with all concepts, tools, frameworks, go-forward recommendations; observation of team dynamics;
  • Debrief calls with key stakeholders
“Paul runs an entertaining, informative, and valuable leadership workshop that does not feel like actual “work", leaving your team more collaborative and tightly connected.”

Marc Karasu

CMO Mogo

"We get great feedback on Paul. He's a thoughtful listener, optimistic, knows when to step in and when to sit back and let the group work. He's built psychological safety with our team members despite a wide range of personality types, ages, genders, levels of industry experience on our Leadership team. Paul worked to ensure everyone was heard and included."

Natalie Hartkopf

CEO & Co-Founder of Hightower

"I've had the pleasure of working with Paul on a custom built Leadership program at Gordon Brothers. It’s hard to take time out of our busy days to invest in ourselves, but these sessions are high impact and allow us to learn and grow in an impactful way. Paul has been a wonderful host and instructor and has made the program a success."

Kim Angeli

Managing Director, Human Resources and Administration, Gordon Brothers

“Reflecting on our time with Paul: it was the catalyst + gave us some tools to have meaningful and much needed truthful discussion on the day and afterwards. Personally, and professionally, I am more empowered and informed. Already I can play bigger and brighter.”

Angela Kent

Chief Marketing Officer - Phocas Group

"As an HR consultant, Paul is my secret weapon for helping leadership teams manage conflicts. He gets buy in from the toughest participants and cultivates an environment of honesty and safety to bring teams back to a state of healthy communication. Having worked with Paul on a number of projects and sessions, I've personally learned a lot, which has made me a better leader on my own team."

Nora Jenkins Townson

Founder, Bright & Early

"Paul has a unique gift for challenging participants in a personal and entertaining fashion. The work we have done with them has improved communication and eliminated barriers within our team and allowed us to focus on issues critical to our organizational success."

John Jeziorske

Sr. Director of HR, Sun Valley Rice


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Get StartedLeadership Development Workshops are session designed to help you grow as a leader

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