Family Retreat

Most families plan for and experience pleasure-filled holidays, vacations, graduations, and rite-of-passage events together. Yet, as children (and parents) age, few families proactively address and honor the transitions that reshape family roles and relationships. Without intentionally and tenderly addressing these transitions, families risk slipping into polite, transactional, or even strained relationships, clinging to “the way it was.”

An intentional family retreat is designed to proactively address these transitions and create a spirit of collaboration and harmony as the next generation is emerging. To say we are a family with evidence of healthy communication, accountability, and commitments to core values, and authentic relationships.

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"Paul has a unique ability to quickly create a feeling of openness and trust in a family setting. His innovative style and vast toolkit was tailored perfectly to meet our families’ needs. It was fun, personally enlightening, and left us all feeling more tightly connected."

Nick Thomson

Private business

"Paul is an authentic guide who listens well, invites honesty and self-reflection, and is committed to supporting the individuals and families with whom he works to achieve the relational and life goals that matter to them, not on his schedule, but on theirs. My family would look and feel much different today if he had not been involved in helping many of us negotiate some challenging passages."

Ginny Gilder

CEO & Founder of Gilder Office for Growth

“On a scale of 1 to 10, Paul was an 11!  Paul quickly and naturally gelled with my family and that of my brother’s who are in some cases 10 years or more apart from my kids.  His preparation enabled him to set an easy-going pace with smooth transitions that relaxed the family during the exercises AND get a lot done!”

Tor Solberg

G2, Family Business

Paul’s worked with my family for years, including hosting our 3 day Family Retreat with extended family. He led educational workshops, family lore sessions, and interactive games where the whole group was engaged. He also led sessions for immediate families where members learned how to stretch toward one another with improved communication & true empathy - game changer for my parenting style.

Sean Lang

G3, Family Business


My role is to ask the right questions, hold the mirror up, and engage people in the process. There is no one-size-fits-all approach -- I draw from the many concepts and tools I've learned to determine what will work in that moment, in that room, with the people sitting in front of me. I help individuals and families figure out what they're really about and lead them to a place where they can say "this is how we want to roll." 

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Parent Child Retreat

A rite-of-passage for releasing the parent-adolescent relationship, and embracing a new adult-to-adult relationship.

The enduring success of a maturing young adult requires the ongoing support and encouragement from parents in all aspects of the young adult’s life. Both the parent(s) and the young adult must commit to interact as transparent and vulnerable adults, releasing self-righteousness and stretching toward one another.

At this experiential retreat I create an environment to facilitate candid and compassionate dialogue between the parent(s) and young adult. Both have the opportunity to address lingering concerns, and shift into a collaborative and loving adult-to-adult relationship.

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The connection between parents and child is essential and success is possible
“Paul’s process allowed us to break down some barriers and as a result we opened up lines of valuable communication with our kids which deepened our relationships.”

Rob & Chrissy McLaughlin

Oklahoma City, OK

"Paul possesses a treasure trove of knowledge and experience regarding both the passage to adulthood and the strengthening of connection among family members, within and across generations. He also brings a heightened sensitivity, grounded in empathy and respect, to the challenges of the often fraught process of dealing with difficult issues between family members."

Ginny Gilder

Parent, CEO & Founder of Gilder Office for Growth


I have seen the stage you may be in now and I can see the stage you want to be in. I am ready to partner with you in order to understand what steps you need to take to get from here to there.

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