One-on-One Coaching

In my work with executives and leaders, I accelerate the growth process with tailored one-on-one coaching to explore potential blind spots, navigate business and life transitions, and build on areas of excellence.

This type of engagement provides leaders with an opportunity to get clarity around current challenges and key growth areas. Coaching also allows leaders to build on their personal and professional toolkits, develop new skills to leverage their individual growth going forward and to accelerate the growth of others.

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Navigating business is like climbing a mountain and every climber needs a coach


Coaching Launch:

  • In-person or virtual half-day launch
  • Assess background, current life situation, and aspirations
  • A foundation for self-confidence, self-discovery and personal exploration

Quarterly Coaching Support:

  • 60-min video calls, for deeper exploration of professional and/or personal issues and current team dynamics
  • Creation of a personal ‘Playbook’ where you identify key growth areas and action plans with explicit target dates
  • Framework for and commitment to active feedback loops and maintaining authentic relationships
  • Instill a process of accountability internally to ensure key commitments are being held
  • Anytime support to address pressing issues
  • Post-engagement coaching call to monitor progress, evaluate goals, and outline areas of awareness forward

360 Evaluation Overview (optional):

  • 360 reviews are designed to outline strengths, blind spots, and key growth areas for high potential talent that will help them work more effectively as a leader
  • A customized narrative questionnaire is distributed to 8-10 key stakeholders to surface and capture relevant growth areas
  • A thematic summary is created and presented, outlining the scope of the coaching engagement
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"I've been fortunate to partner with Paul as a coach and facilitator over the past several years. Paul is the best facilitator I've worked with for his unique ability to elevate the conversation."

Michael Katchen

Co-Founder and CEO at Wealthsimple

“Paul guided me to deeper layers of learning, as a leader and individual, while providing tangible ways to apply these learnings into my daily life. I continue to leverage the learnings from my work with Paul and look forward to having him as an ally on my path forward."

Andrew Field

Founder and CEO at PFL

"Paul was instrumental in helping me identify and establish foundations that would help me personally and professionally for years to come. His inviting and approachable method allowed me and others I worked with to more deeply connect and grow on personal, team and family fronts, and ultimately connect far more effectively." 

Kelton Lynn

Product Director, Google Maps

"Paul is on the short list of coaches we routinely tap to work with senior leaders at high profile companies. He understands the demands of the high-octane environment at those organizations and has the experience to help individuals lean into their strengths and make the transition to highly effective leaders.”

Wendy Leshgold

President, Co-Founder, The Fast Forward Group


I provide tailored one-on-one leadership coaching to help executives and leaders explore potential blind spots, navigate business or life transitions, and build on areas of excellence.

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