Young Adult Coaching

I’ve had the unique experience of growing up with a life coach and leadership development expert as a father. During my transition from adolescence into adulthood, I was introduced to his vast toolkit of concepts and frameworks to navigate the challenges I faced. Based on my learnings and the value I’ve received from these tools, I’ve created a coaching framework specifically designed to empower the rising generation of young adults to navigate their life challenges.

In my one-on-one coaching, I provide a launch pad for young adults to address their current realities, blocks, and challenges, and to courageously transition into a new way of living. 

I personalize each coaching engagement for young adults to get clarity on and commitment to their sense of purpose, big wants for themselves, and their path forward. The coaching framework provides an opportunity for young adults to dive into the cauldron of introspection and take full responsibility for their lives.

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Coaching Provides a Chance to:

Fundamental Life Domains

Action and Discipline

  • The confidence and commitment to set priorities, develop plans, and make agreements with clear deliverables, timeframes and accountability

  • The understanding of your natural and developed talents that can be applied to a passion-filled vocation

  • The humility to face and navigate life’s unfairness, imperfections, and fragility without blaming or complaining, taking 100% responsibility for your life

  • The curiosity and openness to learn from mistakes, failures, or betrayals, and move on with determination

Authentic Relationships

  • A natural, deeper connection with others

  • A welcoming, nurturing, and empathic attitude toward others without enabling or rescuing

  • Emotional openness and accessibility

  • Healthy sensual awareness and expression

  • A healthy relationship with money, possessions, and substances

Grounding and Direction

  • An authentic connection to self: “I know and embrace who I am”

  • A sense of vision and direction: “I know where I am going”

  • Enduring core values; an unwavering inner compass

  • An innate sense of gratitude

  • A healthy balance of humility and self-confidence

Awareness and Insight

  • The courage to go into and through fears; neither denying fears nor being consumed by them

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Resilience and flexibility to adapt or change based on insights from others

  • The ability to tailor your communications to be best understood by others

  • Composure and confidence in times of tension or crisis

“Paul struck the delicate balance of offering gentle and non-judgmental guidance, while also holding me accountable for the life changes I wanted to make. He helped me appreciate and practice having difficult conversations and to not shy away from uncomfortable situations. I am grateful for Paul and for the benefits I received from our work.”

Haley B.

(26) Boston, MA

"Paul guided me through a stage of life when I was treading water, and helped me build a toolkit that gave me the confidence to do what I needed to do. Not only is he an excellent coach, he is superb in teaching and empowering others how to navigate their life challenges going forward." 

Alex Lang

(30) Pittsburgh, PA

"Paul’s empowering approach and positive attitude, combined with the tools and exercises shared, led to a level of awareness and focus unlike anything I’d experienced before. My work with Paul is a crucial part of my daily and weekly routines, helping me maintain the confidence needed to achieve my want." 

Eric Levy

(25) New York, NY

Paul has provided me with invaluable tools for personal development and exploration. I have more confidence as I reflect on areas for personal growth and maturity, and am also able to use what I have learned to help develop authentic relationships with the people around me. Paul is one of the most positive, energetic, and supportive people I have met. He is a coach, mentor, and friend."

Sarah Kaufman

(25) Boulder, CO

"Paul is a great listener, and encouraging coach. He helped me explore and unpack key areas where I was blocked. Together we broke down past experiences, highlighted key lessons and learnings, and used them to create a plan going forward. Working with Paul was truly a memorable life experience and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow and deepen their self awareness."

Ishan S.

Managing Director, 33 and 8 Ventures (35)

"Paul helped me differentiate what I thought I 'needed' to do, versus what I really 'wanted' for myself. I have since widened my communication skills, gained self-confidence, created personal affirmations, and measurable goals."

Sam Woldenberg

(25) Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Paul during a career transition has been one of the most transformative and meaningful career decisions I've ever made. He helped me think deeper about my motivations and what I really wanted. Paul's words of encouragement keep me on track, focused on my goals, and growth areas. I highly recommend him as a coach for personal and professional transitions."

Brandy Joy Smith

(31) New York, NY


I have seen the stage you are in now and I can see the stage you want to be in. I am ready to partner with you in order to understand what steps you need to take to get from here to there.

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