Paul Warner

I am a seasoned facilitator and coach who works with executive teams, individuals, and families to collaboratively chart a path to greater mutual understanding and commitment. Through experiential retreats, tailored workshops, and one-on-one coaching, I specialize in creating an environment that invites participants to openly share, build trust, navigate difficult topics, and establish deeper authentic connections.

I have a unique relationship with the world of coaching. At a young age, my father became a life coach and leadership development expert, which means I have been immersed in the world of leadership, authenticity, and self-reflection for most of my life. I was the rare 20-something who created a forum with close friends to talk about common challenges and celebrations of that unique life stage; that forum has now been an ongoing commitment for more than 15 years. I have also had the good fortune of watching some of the "best-of-the-biz" coaches lead retreats and coach executives. By co-piloting with so many other coaches, each of whom had their own style and set of concepts, I got a masterclass in the tools and best practices of coaching and facilitation.

I have both first-hand and professional experience with how impactful transparent conversations, all-in group exercises, and candid self-exploration can be. These experiences have made me a highly effective and sought-after coach and facilitator. I conduct custom retreats and workshops for leadership teams and YPO forums, as well as families, that provide guidance to groups looking to establish deeper connections, address difficult issues or situations, improve meeting ROI, and explore personal blocks.

I also provide tailored one-on-one leadership coaching to help executives and leaders explore blind spots, build on areas of excellence, and prepare for new challenges.

My third specialty is working with families who are seeking to establish open communication, gain clarity on and anchor family values, empower each family member, and forge enduring relationships across generations. A main vector of this work is coaching young adults who are looking for clarity on their life purpose and are ready to become grounded adults, taking full responsibility for all aspects of their lives.

At the core of what I do is facilitate transitions. Groups transition to improved transparency, alignment, and accountability. Individuals transition to greater self-awareness, healthier relationships, and new seasons of life. My superpower is a subtle one -- I step into the leadership role and create space for everyone else to show up as equals, ready to engage in the serious and important work of learning, growing, leaning in, getting unstuck. Making the transition.

I graduated with a BA in Communications and Psychology from the University of Miami. After spending time in Florida and New York, I returned to my home state of Colorado to set up base camp in Boulder with my wife Halee and our two dogs, where I enjoy all manner of outdoor activities, playing music, and connecting with loved ones. 

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