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The weight of unshared ideas, withheld information, and interpersonal issues can be a major drag on performance. Often, this erodes trust and creates drama within teams. Creating the intentional space where your team feels safe to speak openly leads to accelerated collective learning, strategic thinking, and team alignment. 

Customized leadership retreats are a blend of educational and experiential exercises, that provide key concepts, tools, and practices for achieving and maintaining authentic relationships at work. During a retreat, I challenge teams to re-examine “How We Want to Roll” as leaders and provide individuals the opportunity to re-commit to model healthy leadership behavior.

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Leadership retreat propelling the growth of a corporate team

Retreat Approach

  • 1:1 call with team leader and the CEO to get a clear view of the team dynamics, growth areas, and the big wants
  • Conduct confidential survey of all attendees to surface and capture blocks, strengths, blindspots, and key growth areas
  • 1:1 calls with key individuals to discuss and clarify questionnaire responses, identifying pressing issues and their wants for the retreat
  • Facilitate retreat (1-3 days) tailored to the team's goals with large and small group sessions, individual exercises, and real-case applications
  • Create a summary report that includes all concepts, tools, frameworks, and go-forward recommendations
  • Debrief calls with the CEO and team leader to discuss options to maintain momentum

I also provide varying levels of ongoing advisory services for team members to sustain the progress from the retreat, including:

  • Periodic check-in calls
  • In-depth strategic planning sessions
  • Structured leadership development / coaching
  • Reinforcing leadership sessions (in-person/virtual)

Retreat Approach

"Paul is a bring-out-the-best leader. He brings out connection-enhancing vulnerability & drives dialogue around the things that matter most. He takes feedback and preparation work extremely seriously and shows up ready to deliver on the specific objective of a given event. I recommend him highly and think of him as a long term partner and friend."

Stuart Landesberg

Co-Founder and CEO at Grove Collaborative

"Ive been fortunate to partner with Paul as a coach and facilitator over the past several years. He has been a go-to resource for leadership retreats and training. Paul is the best facilitator I've worked with for his unique ability to engage everyone in the group and elevate the conversation."

Michael Katchen

Co-founder and CEO at Wealthsimple

“We've really enjoyed working with Paul both in-person and remotely. We have engaged Paul for two in-person leadership retreats over the course of 18 months. In support of our work with Paul, he has since hosted virtual meetings on Conscious Leadership with the majority of our team members in small groups as well as on-going facilitation within my Leadership team."

Natalie Hartkopf

CEO & Co-Founder of Hightower

"What we accomplished in a single day could not have been done any other way. Paul brought a fresh perspective, information and most importantly energy to a session that encouraged our team to explore deeply the ways, both intentional and subconscious, that we navigate complex topics personally and in our interactions as a team."

Matt Bachman

Co-founder & CEO Wandering Bear Coffee

"Before our retreat, Paul was learning about our company, our people, and our values to maximize our time together. The exercises were tailored in a way that boosted engagement and anchored our team in new shared commitments. I credit Paul's careful preparation, easy charisma, and skillful facilitation for all of the shifts we experienced in just a half-day retreat."

Nick Mehta

CEO at Gainsight


My role is to ask the right questions, hold the mirror up, and engage people in the process. There is no one-size-fits-all approach -- I draw from the many concepts and tools I've learned to determine what will work in that moment, in that room, with the people sitting in front of me. I help individuals and teams figure out what they're really about and lead them to a place where they can say "this is how we want to roll."

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