The Rising Generation

The Rising Generation retreat is intended to create a safe, fun, intimate space where family members, siblings, and extended family can further cultivate trust, increase connectedness and improve communication. It’s an opportunity to regularly connect with family members in your generational age group at a whole new level. Beyond strengthening relationships with one another, this group will also focus on personal growth, family long-term values, expectations around stewardship and roles, and ensuring that your generation’s voice is heard.

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The rising generation is the next phase of your family

Rising Generation Retreats

"As a member of the rising generation, Paul has helped me think about my family business and life in a creative way to help me reach my goals and think deeply about the situation I am in. He consistently follows up to see how things are going and is always available to chat or be a sounding board."

Lexi Maggelet

Rising Generation Retreat (G3)

"Paul's retreat was a total game-changer for our family. He motivated everyone to be present and open without being pushy. His approachable manner and fun activities, mixed with deeper work, helped our meeting be full of connection and collaboration. I highly recommend working with Paul for your family's needs."

Liza Solberg

G3, Rising Generation

"The Battier Take Charge Foundation considers Paul to be a trusted friend. His Leadership Workshop and Young Adult Coaching were crucial in assisting the scholars in navigating the upheaval of the global pandemic and recent wave of social unrest in our country. Paul has a way of connecting with everyone in our group, and I strongly recommend his workshops."

Shane Battier

Founder, The Battier Take Charge Foundation

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul for 5 years, on a wide variety of projects including both my family and non-family business partners, my 75 person family tree, and even my nuclear family. Paul’s shown boundless amounts of energy, all focused on positive outcomes, and helped us push through doubt and reservation by making big, scary problems into a hit list of manageable tasks."

Tony Lang

G3, Family Business

"Paul was a terrific reminder that I can control how I approach challenging conversations and relationships, reframing the paradigm through which I live and work."

Alex Simon

Rising Generation Retreat


You want a spirit of collaboration and ideally harmony as the emerging next generation. And in getting there, you want a trusting and open environment, with evidence of healthy accountability, transparency, authenticity, and connection.

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